Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raspberry Pi Review

Okay, its cool. I admit.

However, I have some opinions about it that might help you before you go ahead and buy one.

Why did I buy one?

My friend bought two because there was free shipping if you did so. So, I took one off of his hands. Good deal; I didn't have to pay shipping.


  • $35
  • GPIO pins
  • uses Python; good for educating about programming
  • Easily implementable into permanent projects like arcades.


  • $35!
  • Only two USB ports? It can't even power a regular USB stick
  • No VGA?
  • How do I plug in an LED into this GPIO pin...
  • No keyboard
  • How do I find an affordable HDMI monitor?

Okay, maybe I am complaining too much.
But what is this?

Laptops for about $40. Keyboard, USB, monitor, mouse, all included.
Maybe it doesn't have a GPIO pins, but it probably can program an Arduino
Debian can be easily installed on this computer.

This is the current setup of the Pi:

I'm using the analog video output to the monitor.

I decided that I wasn't going to buy female wires, so I just made this adapter.

In the end it's a good board for hobbyists to use, but for all the functions that it claims to have, there is always a better alternative.

I wouldn't say it's a terrible board, but I wouldn't go tell someone to buy it. There are alternatives.