Sunday, January 10, 2016

Printing on Lighters

In a previous post I showed how to engrave a metal lighter:

If you tried this method on a disposable lighter, the lighter would probably burst. You'd be making the walls thinner on a plastic container that's already under a bunch of pressure.

So what if you want to customize your a lighter?


This is the first one lighter I personalized. (those splotches are totally intentional)

The second lighter I tried (the fading was not intentional)
Inspired by this Vic Mensa:
The story behind "SAVEMONEY":

The method I used was similar to the way t-shirts are silkscreen printed. Just a stencil and some paint.
This particular lighter I'm printing for a friend :D

Get a lighter. 
The Dollar Tree sells lighters at a really nice price. Bic Lighters usually cost $1 - 2.
At the Dollar Tree, a pack of three lighters costs $1. The also come with adjustable flame in case you needed to use your lighter as a flamethrower for self defense.
A pack of two Scripto lighters (better quality) also costs $1.
Things generally cost $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Get a design down. Featured above, common slang used in San Francisco.


Break out the scissors and gluesticks!

Glue the cut out onto the lighter. Make sure it's firmly impressed onto the lighter on the position you want.

Use an X-Acto knife to cut out horizontal lines first. Cut from left to right.

After that, cut from top to bottom.

All the letters removed. 

Apply your sister's nailpolish.

After it dries for 30 minutes, rinse the paper portion of the lighter under water. I don't think you want to submerge the whole lighter if you want it to work in the future.

When the paper is wet, it's a lot easier to peel off. The gluestick glue also dissolves in water, which is a big help.

 After all the paper is peeled off, scratch off any blemishes and apply a coat of transparent lacquer (clear nailpolish)!

And now you just wait for it to dry.

This method isn't only applicable to lighters. You could print on anything you shouldn't engrave or want color on, like your TI N-Spire, your phone case, etc.
In the near future I think I would like to try printing some logos. Maybe I can start selling some Gucci Chanel Rolex lighters...

I hope you learned! If you try this out, please post pictures of what you made!