Thursday, September 5, 2013

TIP 31 car

There is not much to explain....

Here is a video:

Pretty self explanatory. Basically I had a model car lying around, so I drilled holes in it and put a circuit in the engine compartment. Looks nice! A23 battery cells are awesome.

Here is the circuit if you are wondering:

I used a TIP 31 NPN transistor. This is a pretty popular project, I just implemented it in something different.
I tried a lower voltage with smaller transistors (e.g. 2n2222)... It didn't work. Still investigating it.

This isn't my first car. The predecessor to this car had headlights, tail-lights, and a speaker. It had a pedestal.
Now, it's burnt out by my attempts to add an amplifier.
Here is a terrible quality video of when it did work:

Just some pictures of it not working.

ooh dusty

Some old stickers

So I honestly like my new revision, because all the electronics are inside the car! The Audi I made before probably burnt out because the AC Adapter says "12v", however it was actually close to 20v